Tim Drake

Monday, September 20, 2004
Advance Praise for Young and Catholic: The Face of Tomorrow's Church

"Chesterton quipped 70 years ago that 'When Ibsen spoke of the new generation knocking at the door, he certainly never expected that it would be the church-door.' Every generation produces its crop of sophisticates who declare the Faith decrepit, only to find that their children are clamoring for Jesus Christ and are not much interested in the lifeless platitudes of sophisticates. Tim Drake shows how, once again, Jesus calls the young to a life of heroism, glory and beauty in a world that offers only timidity, dullness and flash. May the prayers of Our Lady, who was "younger than sin", be with this new generation of Catholics contending for the Faith--and with Mr. Drake and his fine work."
- Mark P. Shea, Senior Content Editor, www.CatholicExchange.com

"There's a whole new generation of saints-in-the-making at the cutting edge of a major revival in the Catholic Church today, and this book tells their story."
- Leon Suprenant, president, Catholics United for the Faith

Young and Catholic is a much needed hope-filled book for these transitional times. It is filled with “Good News” about the future of the Church – stories of prayerful families yielding fruit, burgeoning seminaries and convents, young people resisting the current by leading active devotional lives. Tim Drake sees a revitalized Church of the future."
- Tom Allen, president, CatholicExchange.com

"Magnificent! In the midst of widespread confusion about what it means to be a faithful Catholic, God has blessed the Church with these courageous young men and women who have independently sought and embraced the splendor of Christ! This book gives hope to even the weariest of souls."
- Patrick Reilly, executive director, Cardinal Newman Society

“Young Catholics giving up on the Church? Don't believe it, says Tim Drake. In Young and Catholic: The Face of Tomorrow's Church he supplies an exciting and--dare I say it?--edifying portrait of vibrant young people proud and happy to accept the challenge of being Catholic. Now the challenge for us older Catholics is to leave them a Church that lives up to their expectations.”
- Russell Shaw, journalist, Our Sunday Visitor and Columbia Magazine

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Young and Catholic: The Face of Tomorrow's Church (Sophia Institute Press)
by Tim Drake
ISBN: 1-928832-93-8
Price: $16.95

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