Tim Drake

Friday, February 20, 2004
The Passion of the Christ: What Hasn't Been Covered?
Amidst all of the controversy and all of the reviews, both negative and positive, there's a very important story that has yet to be addressed?

If the film opens big and garners blockbuster status, what will Gibson and Company do with all of the money that they make? Won't that say as much, if not even more, than what the film has to say?

I heard rumors many months ago that some of the money might go toward the creation of a Christian film fund to help fund other worthwhile Christian film products. That story, if there is one, has been completely ignored by the press.

Or, will Gibson and company simply pocket the change?

Given his comments to Sawyer about the emptiness of that lifestyle and his riches, and his lack of desire to go back to acting jobs like those in his previous films, it would stand to reason that "The Passion" isn't about money, or is it?

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